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Better Bodies

Better Bodies logo

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In the early 1980's Better Bodies was founded by Mr. Brian Moss in the city of dreams; New York City, and was initially a modeling agency for fitness models and very quickly rose to popularity in the US. Shortly after the company was founded, t-shirts with Better Bodies logotype were made as promotional items, which resulted in a crazy for Better Bodies garments in no time. On consumers' request, a small collection of items was made, and that was only just the beginning!

Today, Better Bodies is one of the major brands in the gym- and fitness textile industry on a worldwide basis! The company behind Better Bodies is Swedish Fitness Trading AB; a company with more than 20 years of experience and great resources that works with development, design, marketing, sales and distribution in multiple countries. What makes Better Bodies a success, is the high functionality and quality, and design made with great fitness influence from athletes and their demands of what to wear during hard workouts - as well as in their daily life - in a great combination with tremendous consumer demand.

The vision of Better Bodies is to create products for serious athletes in the gym and fitness environment; people who understand the true meaning of hard work and dedication! Athletes who are proud to be living the Better Bodies lifestyle!

At Only Approved Supplements, you will find Better Bodies gym- and fitness apparel & accessories of the very highest quality on the market, and we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you spend a lot of hours in the gym, you will know the importance of wearing the right apparel. With gym wear and accessories by Better Bodies, you'll experience a blend of quality, durability, comfort and design.

Jenni Ørum


Customer Service, Personal Trainer